Our lab offers the following courses as a part of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at Bogazici University.

BM 503 Basic Mathematics for Biomedicine

Matrix Calculus. Probability Calculus. Multivariate Random Variables. Estimation Theory. Expectation Maximization Algorithm. Variational Bayes Algorithm, Sampling Methods, Hidden Markov Models.

Lecture Notes

BM 536 Principles of Neuroimaging

Overview of the Statistical Parameter Mapping and Neuroimaging. General Linear Models. Contrasts and Classical Inference. Analysis of Variance.  Thresholding for SPM. Classical and Bayesian Estimation.  Hierarchical Models. Restricted Maximum Likelihood Algorithm. EEG Source Reconstruction. Preprocessing Algorithms of SPM.

Lecture Notes

BM 564 Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement

Introduction to biomedical systems. Transducers and electrodes.  Biopotentials and amplifiers for ECG, EEG and EMG . Electrical safety. Measurement of biomedical parameters as pressure, volume and flow of blood.

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