Our lab offers the following courses as a part of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at Bogazici University.

BM 503 Basic Mathematics for Biomedical Science

Complex Numbers. Linear Algebra and Matrices and Eigenvalues. Difference and Differential Equations. State Space Equations. Optimization. Monte Carlo Sampling.

BM 504 Systems Theory for Biomedical Science

Introduction to linear systems. Convolution. Fourier Series. Continuous Fourier Transform. Discrete Fourier Transform. z-transform. Laplace Transform. Filtering. Modulation. Sampling.

BM 588 Principles of Neuroimaging

Overview of the Statistical Parameter Mapping,  Statistical modeling of functional Magnetic Resonance Imageing (fMRI) data; convolution models for fMRI, general linear model, Contrast vectors and classical inference, Hierarchical models.

BM 571 Biomedical Signal Processing

Overview of probability, statistics and random processes. Signal Modeling: AR, ARMA, Prony Methods. Optimal filtering; Wiener and Kalman Approach. Spectrum Analysis.

BM 531 Numerical Methods and C Programming

An overview of C programming. Using the C libraries for the solution of linear systems, approximation and interpolation, integration, optimization, solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming. Class development for complex and matrix operations.